Tongue Twisting Pronunciations

If you’re one of the three people reading this blog, you probably know I like my history.  This zeal for the Hellenistic age started when I began taking Latin in my undergraduate.  The manifestation of this interest has been my participation in the Total War modification Europa Barbarorum. As a team, we have been working toward a new version of the mod from the ground up. Along with the various corrections and expansions, I have been developing a pronunciation guide to help the average fan with many of the Greek and Latin words used in the mod. If you are curious, here are the latest versions of the two guides:

Greek Guide V2
Latin Guide V2

They aren’t final versions, but I feel quite proud of them. I have not yet included a bibliography in the guides themselves, but here are links to the books I referenced.

- Wheelock’s Latin
- Allen and Greenough’s New Latin Grammar

- Introduction to Attic Greek
- Reading Greek: Grammar and Exercises

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