Hello world!

Why, hello world indeed!  Several years ago my friend Ben offered me a little corner of his website to blog my inane ideas.  After a few years I began to realize that, to my chagrin, I sucked at blogging.  I was terrible in fact.  God-fucking-awful to be truthful.

Within the last few years, after the abandonment of my original blogging enterprise, my friend Ben has shifted the theme of his blog mostly towards book reviews.  His “52-in-52″ a staple of his site.  In recent months and after reading numerous books between my time spent studying, I’ve been motivated by an urge to do something similar (although most likely without the regularity that he does).  I’m hoping that this time I find more success in it than I did in my first attempt.

And so, without further ado, it’s kind of nice to be back and all props to Ben for putting up with me again.

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